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Fireplace Hall

Co-working space

“Kinotun” co-working space is established in a 50-year-old film environment - in the legendary Fireplace Hall of the Yerevan famous Cinema House. On the walls one can discover signatures of William Saroyan, Aram Khachatryan, Hovhannes Baghramyan, Wim Wenders, Emir Kusturitsa, Costa-Gavras, Sergei Solovyov and many others. The modernty and art, history and memory are combined here in complete harmony. There is warmth, mood and everything necessary to work relaxed and productively.

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Proposed Packages

Package: "Free Zone"

1 hour: 800 AMD

1 day (10 hours: 9am - 7pm): 3.000 AMD

1 month (24 days)՝ 45.000 AMD

Xerox and printing: up to 5 pages daily

Conference hall: up to 1 hour

Area for calls

Package: "Fixed Table"

1 hour: 1.500 AMD

1 day (10 hours: 9am - 7pm): 4.000 AMD

1 month (24 days): 55.000 AMD

Xerox and printing: up to 10 pages daily

Conference hall: up to 2 hours

Area for calls

Rental fee for the Conference hall

1 hour: 1.500 AMD (up to 10 people), 4.000 AMD (up to 15 people)

1 hour: 5.000 AMD (15+ people, up to 25 people)


Terms for Rent

1-time rental price

1 hour: 50.000 AMD

up to 3 hours: 120.000 AMD

up to 5 hours: 190.000 AMD

The rental fee involves equipment, such as a projector, a screen.​

Rental fee for film shootings:

up to 3 hours՝ 50.000 AMD

after 3 hours every next hour:10.000 AMD

For renting:

+374 (94) 86 55 77


Find at the Co-Working Space:

  • Free WiFi throughout the whole area

  • Zone for calls

  • Conference hall

  • Office facilities

  • USB chargers

  • Cozy bar

  • Homemade kitchen with Menu of the day

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