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Grand Hall

Seats: 502

Equipment: DCP, 35mm print projector

Other: make-up area

The Grand Hall of the Cinema House is one of the few preserved halls in Europe that’s built with unique acoustic engineering, lined with special wood that contributes to sound reproduction.


It was opened in 1975, and for a long time, before the exploitation of the "Rosia" cinema, it was the largest hall in Armenia. Since its opening, premieres of all films produced by ArmenFilm film studio have taken place in this hall.


After being inactive for almost 30 years, during which the hall had appeared in a desolate condition, it is now reopened, having fully preserved its architectural appearance and concepts.


The wood has been restored and specially treated to bring the hall's unique acoustic environment back to life. The old chairs were completely renovated, having preserved their structure; the flooring of the hall, engineering structures, infrastructure, projection hall, adjacent areas, lobbies were completely restored and renovated, new restrooms and other facilities were built.


New lighting systems, contemporary film projection equipment have been installed. And much more.

Terms for Rent

Rental fees for 1 event

1 hours: 120.000 AMD

up to 3 hours: 330.000 AMD

up to 5 hours: 540.000 AMD


Rental fees for session-like events

1 session: 200.000 AMD

(session duration: up to 1 hour)


The rental fee involves equipment, such as a film projector, a big screen,

sound system, a microphone, a grand piano.

For renting:

+374 (94) 86 55 77

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